Our Work

These are a few recent junk removal projects we completed in Northern CA, Lodi, Stockton, Modesto,  And Southern CA, Rancho Cucamonga Inland Empire, And Los Angeles, Long Beach California.


Eviction Cleanout

assisting our customer in cleaning up the premises after the eviction of the renter. Give Junkzilla a call when you need to have your space cleared of trash and debris; we can have your home, apartment, or place of business back to normal in hours rather than days.


Junkzilla promo

this is a slide show of junkzilla Hauling in action. 


Junkzilla at the dump

where all junk eventully goes. junkzilla hauling at a local dump doing a second load for one of our clients. 


Clean out for a local car lot in Stockton CA .

We assisted a local car lot in Stockton, Mataga of Stockton, clean some of their storage containers so they could reclaim part of their space. 


Couch removal in Long Beach CA.

We assisted a first time client in Long Beach CA, Big TY showing that couch who's boss.