Here at Junkzilla Hauling, we know when you are looking for a Clean Out or Junk Removal Specialist, you want to know exactly how much you’re going to pay. This is why price transparency is so important to us. We believe that a well-informed customer is a happy customer. This is one of the primary reasons why our cleanout service has so many repeat customers. So whether it's one item or 20 yards of junk or debris, when you want to know how much it is going to cost, you will get an instant and clear answer to your question, so don't stress, take the first step and get your no-obligation quote today!


A pickup truck full of rubbish or debris is equivalent to this amount of junk removal. This smaller load would be ideal for TVs, crates of old clothes, outdated electronics, bed frames, and other stuff. So, whatever size you need, big or small, we can take care of it. Get a free quote right now.

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A 6 yard junk removal pickup is equivalent to three pickup trucks and is ideal for clearing up a commercial space such as an office or storefront. It would also be ideal for clearing out a half-garage of rubbish or debris, a medium-sized backyard cleanup, or a storage clean out. Whatever it is, we can get rid of it. So don't strain your back, and let us handle the heavy lifting. Get a free quote right now!

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An 15-yard pickup is equal to 5 pickup trucks. Its perfect for when you have a lot of items but still not a full 20-yard load. This pickup size could include large, medium, and small furniture items such as a mattress set, dressers, boxes of unwanted items, appliances, an old entertainment center, remodeling debris, green waste, and more. The great thing about Junkzilla Hauling is that you can have us fill up our dumpster truck as much as you want or as little as you want. So don't stress, make your life easy and let the PRO'S handle your junk removal. Get a free no-obligation quote today!

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This Junk Removal load is equal to two-pickup trucks full  junk. It's perfect for a small room or a shed full of undesirable items. This little pickup could include old appliances, rubbish boxes, mattress disposal, and other stuff. Junkzilla Hauling is here to make things easy for you. Request a free estimate right now! We'll take care of the messy stuff while you focus on the difficult stuff.

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4 pickup trucks are equal to a 10-yards junk removal . It's ideal for a cluttered garage, as well as a medium-sized clean out or a pile of construction debris. It's ideal for storing and transporting items such as couches, mattress sets, toys, and appliances. This junk removal pickup can handle any medium-large amount of unwanted trash or waste, so whether it's spring cleaning or your renter moved out and left you with a mess, make life easier on yourself by calling Junkzilla Hauling and getting a free quote today.

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A 20 yard pick up truck is the equivalent of eight pickup trucks and can hold everything including the kitchen sink! A business office or a three-bedroom apartment can be cleared with this space. It can declutter spaces that are cluttered with furniture and undesirable stuff. This size is ideal for a cluttered backyard or a side of the home packed with boxes. Finally, you can get rid of that old fence wood, bad firewood, old rusted tools, and whatever else comes to mind. The beautiful thing about Junkzilla Hauling is that you have complete control over the entire procedure from start to finish. You tell us when you want to start and finish, as well as how much money you want to spend.

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What ever you need we have you covered.

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Common Questions

The answer is simple: what do you want us to take away? The amount of garbage we load into our dumpster trucks determines our cost. 


Make it easy on yourself by pressing the quote button if you can't figure out what size pickup you need or if you'd rather not worry about measuring and calculating. Allow one of our friendly customer service representatives to ask you a few simple questions about your situation and provide you with a quick and easy quote.



Our dumpster trucks are able to hold 20 yards of junk trash or debris. 


2 yards of our dumpster equals 1 pickup truck.


4 yards of our dumpster equals 2 pickup trucks.


6 yards of our dumpster equals 3 pickup trucks.


10 yards of our dumpster equals four pickup trucks.


15 yards of our dumpster equals 5 pickup trucks.


20 yards of our dumpster equals 8 pickup trucks.

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